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Bridging the Food Gap

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau has produced a television program focusing on a new effort by farmers to become more engaged with their customers.  "Bridging the Food Gap" explores how farmers are intensifying outreach to consumers to talk about how food is raised and grown.

The half-hour show, entitled “Bridging the Food Gap,” explores how farmers are intensifying outreach efforts to consumers to talk about how food is raised and grown.  It also demonstrates how farmers are listening to consumer concerns and actively discussing controversial issues and myths associated with farming practices.

The program features interviews with a wide variety of farmers, other agriculture industry stakeholders and people who buy food for their families.  As part of the television show, Union County farmer Jim Brubaker takes viewers inside one of his chicken houses, Lancaster County farmer Maria Forry opens her family dairy operation to the public, Centre County fruit grower Jason Coopey sells his products directly to consumers at his family’s farm market and the public gets an opportunity to learn about modern farming practices during a visit to the “Today’s Agriculture” exhibit at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Mark O’Neill, Media and Strategic Communications Director
510 S. 31st Street , Camp Hill, PA 17001 • 717.761.2740 • @pfbmediaone


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